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GTA V Online Sharing page is for sharing and meeting new friends to play online with Xbox.GTA V Soundtrack Grand Theft Auto V Soundtrack and Full music List with Radio Stations.In the real world you can see type of car from 1950-2014 on the road and none of them look odd.

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Hoste heute einmalig um 18 uhr eine Moneylobby in GtaV Ps3 Gratis.

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I know there are many different tastes in cars but its hard for me to believe people actually look at that and like it.

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I mean it surely was not going to return a Supra but its still a Toyota right.

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Oddly enough when I was in LA a few weeks back I saw about 10 of those through out the week.Do you think that the new Jester is going to be The Same, Better, or Worse.The Jester was my favorite car, I even modded it fully and gave it a custom paint job.GTA V GTA IV GTA San Andreas GTA Vice GTA III GTA Forums GTA Mods.

But then I saw the pictures in the Vehicle Database topic and lowered my hopes.

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The patch brings new contents that will give the Christmas feels onto the game.Holidays Include Unicorn Mask, Fireworks Launcher. going to get special freebies.The Alpha is butt-ugly and I hope I never see one, but the Turismo R looked okay.

When I heard that the Turismo, Alpha, and Jester were making a return, I was ecstatic.Rockstar has launched yet another event in Grand Theft Auto V, bringing a slate of bonuses and other happenings to GTA Online.Grand Theft Auto V - GTA 5 PC download and GTA 5 demo for PC is now available for.I agree with you on GTA V but unlike you I actually understand and accept why people like GTA V.

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I am unsure, as I would have guessed that the closest thing to what the original jester was based on, is the toyota supra.Please read the rules before posting, failing to do so can result in being banned.The next update will give out Smoking Jacket clothes and Blue Paisley Pajamas to everyone.Players who are going to log in before March 13 will get freebies.

If you compare the cheetah to the turismo they have identical chassis.P.S. I Hope they bring back the old Blista Compact back in some future update.Looking after Chop successfully is reflected in his behavior in Grand Theft Auto V in a number of ways.

Personally GTA V is my favourite console game and not because of the violence, sexism or the fast cars but because of the freedom you have in the game.Little footage captured using the new video editor for GTA V PC.

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It is clear Rockstar does not care about why people liked the old cars and it is clear that some of you lot are clueless about cars.

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